Eating Raw While In College (And After!)

Eating Raw While In College (And After!)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Natural Yeast

There is a definite link between the consumption of yeast and the causation of diseases and illnesses in (pretty much) all the parts of the body.
This is confidential information--stuff that many corporations DON'T want you to know because you would 1) either stop buying their products, or 2) cease trusting certain companies and organizations with their claims of information, promises of safety, and certification of what is "fact".
Either way, the thing that ultimately shuts them down is YOU deciding to become self-sufficient--in many more ways and levels than one.
But that's a beast of a topic--
a post for another day.
Today I want to talk about a class I went to last week about conventional, fast-rising YEAST and how it is literally killing our nation.
Since the 1930s ALL yeast used and marketed in most countries--including the U.S.-- switched to using the current yeast we use today, which is completely synthetic and 100% man-made. This program was in full effect by the 70s. This means that since the 70's, conventional yeast has been present in everything: our everyday breads, doughnuts, pastries, sandwiches, bagels, Cinnabuns, Wendy's hamburgers, Twinkies, etc. This synthetic yeast has been what made it fast and easy to market breads and sugary, doughy goods in our fast-paced, 21st century world.
Why is this an issue? Quick-rising yeast is incredibly toxic, unnatural, and foreign to our bodies and species. Quick-rising yeast kills us by toxifying our bodies, poisoning our blood and vital organs, slowing down metabolism, wreaking havoc on the central nervous system, and thereby rendering us as sluggish and foggy-headed, to the point that we are addicted to the point that people do not even want to cease consuming/supporting it and would prefer to lose out on obtaining optimum vitality than change themselves.
It's that bad. And most people have no idea! Like GMOs (genetically modified organisms), since the "Green Revolution" in the 70's, nearly 80%+ of all unorganic foods on the market have been switched to a highly hybridized/modified version of what they used to be. The FDA and other governmental programs actually have a long history of approving many things that are not researched, tested, or supportive of the highest good of the public. Which leads us again to the ironically re-occurring motif of the importance of self-sufficiency.... ♥
So what IS this natural yeast?! How can you get it if it is not even available at the store? Could it maybe be the real thing that most people with gluten intolerances are intolerant of?
The yeast used in the 1800s and before was completely different from what we use today, and, though you cannot buy it in stores, the same bloke whose class I went to gives natural yeast away FOR FREE if people mail him a pre-paid/stamped envelope. He is an amazing soul with a heart of gold and a strong desire to inform and assist--this guy is totally awesome! He also wrote an AMAZING book called The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency (check out the link below), is one of the only local heirloom/organic farmers in Utah (where I live), and is one of the only winter-vegetable gardeners left IN THE WORLD.... He is such a literal pro; he has spent thousands of hours researching and writing the info in his books.
This is a link to research more about natural yeast ^
And this (below) is that super cool book that talks about amazing back-to-nature things like self-sufficiency and using natural yeast (and much more).
The same writer ( Caleb Warnock ) has a cookbook on AMAZING recipes and benefits of natural yeast, but it's coming out in Sept.
ALSO, some cool facts: when bread made with natural yeast bread was scientifically tested against both generic store-bought brands and homemade bread, regardless of what kind of whether it was white or wheat bread, diabetics who ate bread with natural yeast never had their blood sugar spike; though it did when they ate any kind of bread (both white and wheat) when it was made with conventional yeast. Also, bread made with natural yeast NEVER molds; they found some of the same natural-yeast bread in Egyptian tombs from over hundreds of years ago that was sour (how real sourdough is made) but still edible.
Crazy, right??
And most people have NO idea.... intriguing, no?
(insert the strangely reoccuring motif of self sufficiency right here ;))
♥ Much love! I hope this info helps!!!

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