Eating Raw While In College (And After!)

Eating Raw While In College (And After!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to make your own 100% natural and non-toxic multi-purpose cleaners for your home and pesticides for your organic garden!

Click on this link to find out how to make your own pesticides for your organically grown garden!

So amazing!! You can make your own bathroom/multipurpose cleaners by filling an empty spray bottle by filling the bottle 1/4 of the way full with vinegar or lemon juice, adding 6 drops of your favorite essential oils and filling the rest of the bottle up with water. If you are cleaning something with really tough stains or residue--such as windows with hard water residue--use vinegar. If you are cleaning something that needs a gentler treatment--such as mopping a wood floor or cleaning your cabinets or carpet--I recommend using the lemon juice because it smells nicer and actually prolongs the life of wood. :) These methods are WAY cheaper than using store bought cleaners, are so non-toxic that they are used in every day foods, smell great and, in every way, outmode the use of harsh, toxic chemicals from the store.

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