• Raw crepe recipe!! (found on http://therawtarian.com/raw-crepe-recipe/ )

    8 ripe bananas (perfectly ripe please — lightly speckled with brown spots is perfect)
    1/2 cup water
    1. Add all 8 bananas to your highs-speed blender. Pour in 1/2 cup water.
    2. Blend on high until very nicely mixed. It will look like a nice, thick smoothie.
    3. Most likely your dehydrator tray has little holes in it, thus you’ll need to either use teflex sheets or parchment paper to line your dehydrator trays. (Do not ever use “wax paper” because the food will stick to it and it’ll be a huge disaster.) Pour 1/4 of the recipe on 1 of 4 lined dehydrator trays. The batter should be spread out quite thinly, and be sure to spread out the “batter” thoroughly so that each tray is one big crepe. It’s easy, don’t worry.
    4. Dehydrate your raw crepes until they are a lot less liquidy and totally pliable. Dehydration time for this raw crepe recipe varies depending on a gajillion factors, like humidity and temperature. However, to give you some indication, today I dehydrated my raw crepes for 1 hour at 125 degrees, then I lowered to 105 for another 8 hours or so.
    5. Watch them closely, because you’ll want them to be pliable so that you can roll them up! Do not overdry. If you overdry they’ll still taste good, but you won’t be able to roll them and they’ll be kind of crispy and brittle. In order to test them, just try peeling them off the parchment paper or teflex sheet.
    6. Serve with whatever you like to top your crepes with, for example, you can place a line of fruit dip and top with fresh raspberries, then roll up crepe-style and eat with a knife and fork. Perfect for a gourmet raw breakfast!
    This recipe should fill 4 regular dehydryator trays. Thus, it will make 8 crepes. (Just make 4 big crepes and then cut each crepe in half once it’s done.